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Titled – On two levels of 160m2 each + terrace of 30 tables x 4 place settings + outside terrace of 200m2 – Possibility of License of sale of alcohol.
(The alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health). This establishment is completely equipped, furnished and is sold with all that it contains + another stock of tables, chairs, furniture etc. … It Consists in the following way:

In the rez – of road, a place of 160m2, 120 seats, completely equipped and in an exceptional state – marble, stone floor, mirrors, television set big screen 117cm … Counters with all the equipment: glasses, dishes, utensils, cooled shop windows, tables, chairs, coffee machine, kitchen equipped with worked, refrigerators, freezer, fires gases, plans of work and all the necessary material.

The offer includes supplementary equipment : tables chairs, furniture etc. …
There’s a fountain under the marble staircase leading to the superior level.
In the floor: place of 160m2 with television set 130cm, tables and chairs also. This part of the establishment also includes an Internet room (cyber) high tech equipped with 16 computers with helmets and webcams + a checkpoint.

2 rooms of wc (men-women) marble and stone floor made.
The outside terrace of 200m2 seen sea, includes 30 tables x 4 place settings.
The phone shop-perfume shop is equipped with 7 phone sets and with all the stock of perfumes and toiletries which it contains.

The establishment is situated at the edge of the beach of Martil, opened in the year and realize one of the biggest figures of business affair of the sea front of the city. It is necessary to visit this establishment of an exceptional holding.

Martil and its region which are the place of holiday resort of « jet-set » Moroccan during summer, is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, near Tangier (65kms), Tetouan (9kms), Cabo Negro (5kms), M’ Diq, Marina Smir, Ceuta (45kms – Spanish city in Morocco) and Spain (65kms)

In July and in August, 300 000 people arrive at Martil. This establishment is profitable all year long thanks to its fame, to its place of 1st category and to the multiplicity of its services.
The colossal figure of business affair which it realizes is as high as its first class conception and can double with the License of sale of alcohols.
No establishment of the sea front possesses it in this place of the coast.

The business in question represents a rare opportunity that you have the luck to discover.
The agency REAL-ESTATE NOURAYNE is implanted to Martil, to the heart of a region of Morocco which, in business and in tourist influx, represents a potential in movement of constant progress.
The Mediterranean coast of Morocco knows a constant growth for several years.
300 000 people stop to Martil every summer. 45 % of the population is less than 25 years old, more of 10kms of beach line the city.

The activity multiservice of the establishment in question allows the opening in the year. The obtaining of the license of sale of alcohols and the addition of an activity « Bar » to this business + the other activities it is 150 000 – 200 000 Dirhams of recipe / day in summer but also an increase of enormous C.A. in the year.

The price of this establishment is 514 000 £. It is the affair of your life.

fixed Tél: 0021239979983

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